Samstag, 4. Mai 2013


I love bear leek. So as soon as I saw the first bear leek in the supermarket I bought it and made some yummy pesto. I tried out some new recipes. Here's no. 1, I'll be posting more soon! 


1 big zucchini cut into 2cm pieces
cherry tomatoes, sliced,  
salt & pepper, 
olive oil for frying

bear leek pesto

80g hazelnuts
a small glove garlic
salt, pepper
120g bear leek
80ml olive oil
salt, pepper

How you do it

1. For the pesto blend hazelnuts and a little bit of oil in a food processor. Put in garlic, salt, pepper
bear leek and half of oil, blend together and put in the remaining olive oil.
2. Grill Zucchini with some olive oil from every side
3. Cut bread in half and roast in the oven till surface turns golden brown
4. Smear bear leek pesto on both sides of the bread
5.Garnish every side with Zucchini, sprinkle a little Salt on it, put tomatoes on top and sprinkle again with a little Salt and Pepper. Serve with a glass of freshly pressed blood orange juice. Enjoy!
This sandwich is a summer yummy, it tastes as good as it looks. You can just eat it as a snack, serve as a appertizer or on your barbecue party.
We ate on the balkony, the weather was just perfect and it made me feel like summer is comig.
Can't wait!

 Pictures by J.Robinson

What's your favourite bear leek recipe? Xo Jess

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