Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013


This really is one of my favorite pesto, it's so so yummy, I just had a thought, why not use feta for pesto? And I say, yes use feta for pesto please! Because it tastes so delicious. Bear leek  tastes similar to garlic, so if you love garlic you'll love bear leek. Put that on pizza (oh my goodness, I'm addicted) and nothing can go wrong. I gave this to a friend on his birthday and he did put it on pizza. Guess what? It was so delicious and yes everybody loved it! So you’ll do to.
120 g bear leek
100 g hazelnuts (roasted in the oven)
100 g feta cheese (crumbled)
Salt & Pepper
100 ml olive oil (plus a little bit)
3 tbsp hemp oil
1-2 red chili chopped

Blend together feta, hazelnuts, salt and pepper and a little bit of olive oil. Add bear leek and remaining oil, blend together till smooth. Stir in the chili and put into a preserving jar (cover with olive oil) or process directly.
If you are not a “hot one” remove kernels from the chili.
This is perfect for summer, with a little homemade bread you can serve it as an appetizer.
Make it simple with some pasta. Or just bring it to your next friends barbecue party, they'll love it! Xoxo Jess

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