Montag, 27. Mai 2013


I love potato stamps, they remind me of my childhood. The last time I made potato stamps is a long time ago.It's so simple, so good looking and makes so much fun and for those who did that far back, it brings back lovely childhood memories. You have to try it!

What you need

cutter (a knife is fine to)
paint roller (a brush works well to)

How you do it

Cut potato in half, cut desired shape into the potato (you can outline with a pencil ).If you are not sure wich shape you want to try out, make yourself some sketches. Put some color onto a plate and spread with the paint roller. Now put the color with paint roller on the potato and stamp! After stamping three times, you have to put on some new color with your paint roller. I suggest to cut easy shapes, except you are an expert in cutting potatoes :-).

I think it's perfect for gift wrapping, printing fabric and any kind of cards. You also can use sweet potatoes, for larger shapes they maybe work better.

You can keep the potato stamps wrapped in cling wrap one week in the fridge and still use them,
I tried it and it worked fine. You just need to remove the color from the potatoes with a paper towel.

I'll be posting more about potato stamps soon, xoxo Jess

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