Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013


This is as simple as it seems.I thought about a nice and cute gift wrap for little things and why not sew paper?
It turned out so great. I really love paper crafting it's so simple and so much fun. And yes I did it again, recycling :-)
What you need

self printed newspaper (I did it with potato stamps) or any other paper for gift wrapping 
yarn in desired color, I took neon pink

How you do it

1. Take a half piece of newspaper (34,5 x 51 cm) cut horizontal in the middle, so you have a        
    quarter of newspaper (34,5 x 25,5). Size is changeable, take the desired size whatever   
    you need it for

2. Fold horizontal and keep about 4 to 5 cm left, this will be your flap.

3. Sew sides together with desired yarn.

It's up to you if you also sew over the flap, I did because to me it looks nice. You can also do some embroidery if you want to. Or what about sequins ors pearls? Like I said the opportunities are endless.

I love this gift wrapping opportunity you can take it for so many things, the size is changeable and it looks so good. Make a matching label for this and you are good to go for the next present you want to make, xoxo Jess

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