Montag, 15. Juli 2013


These leather tassels are so adorable and chic, they are totally perfect for bags or a necklace. 
Instead of buying them for a lot of money you can make costumized tassels, how cool is that?!
I'm still looking for really colorful leather like pink, yellow, green or neon colors but could not find it yet. If you know where to get it, please let me know.
I bought the leather I used at the saddler and at the shoemaker store. They sell leftofers for cheap

what you need

10.5 x 5.5 cm piece of leather + 3.5 x 0.5 piece of leather
leather glue

how you do it

1. With a ruler mark the size onto the leather and cut out.

2. On the inside mark a line about 1cm, later you will put the glue on this marked space.

3. Cut 2 – 3 mm fringes, stop cutting at the marked line.

4. Glue together the ends of the loop, about 5 mm.

5.  Hold together with a clothespin for 2 minutes

6. Now put glue on the space you marked before and put the loop (with the hook) on the

7. Roll it tight together now.

This also is such a cute present, enjoy the sunny side of live, xo Jess

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