Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013


If you love it we talkin peanut butter right now! Yes I’m also an addict to peanuts. Especially when it comes to peanuts in any kind of way with chocolate or peanuts in in the asian cooking section. This is so delicious. So I had to make my own peanut butter. And I really have to say it's so worth it. This peanut butter definitely is going to make you happy. I gave a glas to my lovely granny and she loves it. She allready asked me for some peanut butter ice cream with this homemade yummy.

all you need is

600 g unsalted peanuts
3 tsp salt
8 tbsp cane sugar or more if desired

how you do it

Roast peanuts for about 25 to 30 minutes in the oven on 160 °C (320 F) air circulation.
Take out, put in a blender and add salt and sugar.
You have to make some breaks and scratch  peanut butter from the sides occasionally to unstick the mass.
Keep blending till they are silky smooth :-)

I recommend to blend the cane sugar before using. Now put in a preserving jar, attach a tag and make a person you love smile, xo Jess

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