Montag, 12. August 2013


I bought these shoes, only for one reason, to paint them. This was on my mind for a while now, so it was time to do it. I will show you how you can paint your shoes this easy way too.

All you need is

shoes made of fabric ( I removed the shoelaces)
black paint
a paintbrush

How you do it

1. Draw the lines and leave about 2 cm distance to each line.

2. Make the fischerite, I did 3 sizes of lines for that.
    For this you just go from the inner line to the outer line and make your diffrent sized lines to create
    the fischerite. You just have to paint it like an shifted arrow head.

3. There you go making your lines and tada, you are done! low-dry your shoes on high heat for
    about 3 minutes, not to close to the fabric.

This also would work out on shoes you allready have, if there is something messed up just put some paint on it…you could also fill the empty space with some other colors. 
Give me more shoes to paint, this is so much fun! Can’t wait to try some more, xoxo Jess

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