Dienstag, 24. September 2013


It's upcycling time again! This Time I will show you how to upcycle an old shoe carton and an old book.

For me wearing a hat is a season must have. I have about 7 autmn/ winter hats that need  to be stored. This is so simple and useful plus it looks so cute. Of course you can use this box for all your other beautiful things (shoes, gloves, scarfs, love letters...) 
Just imagine 3 or more of these cuties stacked...I used book sheets, for me this allways gives an quite interesting look and it fits almost every style and color. 

what you need

old book
shoe carton ( or any other carton you want to use)
glue, I took glue stick but you also could use paste for more hold

how you do it

step no. 1
Take the book sheets and put glue on the backside, glue it lenghtwise onto the box.


step. no.2

Glue the corners, you just need to make a little cut, so you can fold it to the inside and onto the bottom (like shown in the pictures).

step no. 3
Turn around and glue the bottom of your box.

step no. 4
Glue the lid, for this follow step no. 1&2, glue the corners on oblong and let dry for 24 hours.

It's time to store your hats(shoes, gloves, scarfs, loveletters....)  in a really beautiful way.  

I love this idea, if you don't allready have plenty of shoe carton and an old books. Get yourself a shoe carton from your next shoe store arround and ask a friend for a book that he/ she doesn't need anymore. I guess somebody has one for you. If that's not the case, buy a book at the secondhand shop or the next secondhand bookstore. Xoxo Jess

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