Mittwoch, 18. September 2013


Time to spice it up, this is an absolutely must have for your kitchen. Try this homemade chili salt on your next oven potato wedges (or anything else) and you will love it. This salt will kick your taste buds!


red chilis
coarse salt

how you do it
Take as much chili as you like (I did not remove the kernels) put them with your desired amount of salt in a blender and mix very well. If there are still some pieces of chili, kernels and coarse salt that's fine.
Let dry on a tray (in summer it dries much faster) about 1-3 days and fill in a canning jaw or a 
salt grinder. If you don't want it to hot, remove the kernels and just take a small ammount of chili or do take mild ones.

 Make a selfe-painted lable and you are done. Now give it to somebody you like and of course try it by yourself. 
 And if there are any questions, let me know, xo Jess

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