Samstag, 15. Juni 2013



Stamps are so adorable. This is my first try out and I love them, they are so cute and you can use them for so many occasions. I did some little gift wrapping and lables for the first time and they became gorgeous. Stamps make so much fun and life much more beautiful.

This is what you need: 

left over pieces wood
sponge rubber

How yo do it

Draw whatever you want on your sponge rubber (be sure it's easy to cut out). Cut out with a cutter,
glue your motive on a suitable piece of wood. Let dry. Put some paint on a plate or
something similar. Spread with a paint roller and put paint on the stamp.You also could use a brush, but it's easier & better looking to spread with a paint roller. Now it's time to stamp it out!

More stamp ideas will be coming soon! Do you have any experience with stamps, I would love to hear and see some pictures ;-) xoxo Jess

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