Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013


I really needed to get my recipes organized in the kitchen, I had all these recipes scrip glued on the wall and it looked a mess.
So I took this old picture frame I had in the basement. I've seen something similar about a year ago and now it was time to make my own. It turned out great and I love it!

Supplies needed:

paint the frame in desired color (I took dead light grey) you need sisal, an electro tacker and wooden clothespins

How you do it

1. Put a knot an every end of the sisal strings, so it can hold after you attached it.

2. Attach the sisal strings on one side first (take as many as desired) with the electro tacker.

3. Pull tight while attaching the facing page. You now can hang it or  put it on a little rack in your kitchen (I did it that way like you can see), xoxo Jess

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